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Our Church

With a rich history that can trace its roots back to the Maria Woodward-Etter movement in the Indianapolis area in the early 1900s, our church has a strong foundation based on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the turn of the 19th century. Bro William Sowders preached at the Maria Woodward-Etter Tabernacle and from this early connection the foundation for what is now the Gospel Assembly Church in Indianapolis, Indiana was laid.


A number of Godly men have served the church in Indianapolis for over 80 years.  We are not affiliated with any 

specific denomination, but we are not independent of a broader fellowship. We believe in being led by the Holy Spirit, as God our Father knows exactly what each person has need of and can meet needs that are unknown to the mind of man. We believe there is a work to be done in this last day and are working to be prepared for the restored working of a latter rain church in this Gentile age that is coming to a close.

Our Fellowship

Our church is not independent. We make the decision, by the mercy and grace of God, to consciously choose to blend our spirits, hearts, and attitudes with other churches that are working toward the same purpose. We are not held together by anything legal of this earth, but by a bond of love and commitment for a cause greater than ourselves.


It is this commitment that causes us to seek opportunities and ways to fellowship. Just as the early church we read of in the New Testament was bound together through a love and commitment to their sister assemblies, our church is also seeking to be bound together through these same commitments.


Together we are seeking God's perfect timing and will for His Gentile work in these last days.

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